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If there is one running theme through three episodes of Winning Time so far, it is the brutal difficulty involved in human beings attempting to force ourselves upon events.

Building Shangri-La

When we left Magic Johnson at the end of the first episode of Winning Time, he was assuring the press that, having added him, the Lakers would not just be good, they would be “exciting.”

Watch Me Paddle

Near the end of the first episode of Winning Time, Dr. Jerry Buss, played immaculately by John C. Reilly, pauses to admire the swans gliding across the surface of a pond at the lavish mansion owned by Jack Kent Cooke. He is there to finalize an agreement to buy the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the Fabulous Forum, and the greatest runner-up team in American professional sports – the Lakers.

Rocks and Hard Places

It would be a gross understatement to say that 2022 has, thus far, been a disappointing year for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.


What has happened to the Lakers in the last 72 hours is like the climactic scene in Avengers: Infinity War, when half of a team of almost-victorious superheroes watches the other half disintegrate in front of their eyes.

The Case for Frank Vogel

In any Lakers season as full of frustrations, setbacks, and mediocrity as this one has been so far, the fanbase will have opinions about who is to blame. Strong ones.

My Lakers’ Christmas Wishlist

Despite the obvious bad start, I believe in miracles. Here are a few things I’d like Santa to bring the Lakers this Christmas:

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